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On the Move!

The   Spirit is moving Things are happening And people are getting antsy and restless.   But you know what? The Spirit is moving.   How do I know this? Because I see God working all around me.   People, we are living in some uncertain times right now, but I am overwhelmed. Not with fear. Not with anxiety. I am overwhelmed with the power of God I can see moving in the lives of the people around me. And I am excited! God is moving—his spirit is moving—and I am overwhelmed because I just want to know what it is doing. God, what are you doing? But I am excited! This past year has been insane. I have never been one to consider myself a “prayer warrior” yet I have woken myself up from a dead sleep with hands raised and prayers on my mouth. I am not one to say I have a prophetic voice (really!—and I am very skeptical of people who do claim to have one…I don’t doubt God’s ability to call prophets, I just am extremely skeptical of people who claim the title of prophe