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The Genesis 2 Feminist -- My journey from a Complementarian upbringing to a Biblical Egalitarian understanding

I remember it well. I was eight-years-old and I decided to pour my heart out to my [then] foster mother. "I want to marry a pastor when I grow up." The "that's cute" smile tickled her lips as she said that was something I could definitely do. She then said, "You should probably learn how to play the piano. Pastor's wives play the piano." First, I thought this weird since the pastor's wife at the church I attended was not the one who played the piano... actually, that was my [then] foster father.  I then told her, "Well, actually, I want to be  a pastor too."  "Oh, well, you can't do that sweetie. Only men are pastors. The Bible says so." I was devastated. I had accepted Jesus as my savior at five years old, and for several months before this conversation, I had been listening to the Bible on cassette tape (remember those?). The more I listened to God's word, the stronger the pull to be a pastor became--but