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The Faith to Ask Questions

Let me shoot you a scenario. A Child is arguing with his mother about staying up late on a school night. He is telling his mon that he wants to stay up an hour longer "because all his friends are doing it," but his mother stands firm stating that he needs to go to sleep at his normal time. Then the inevitable question comes. "But why?" Now, this mother can go through all the details of why he needs to go to sleep at a normal time-- ---That he is a nightmare to wake up in the morning even with his normal sleep schedule... ---That he needs as much sleep as possible so he can focus at school... But instead, she responds with: "Because I said so!" Now, we've all been there. We have either been on the receiving end of that statement or on the side of giving that statement---or both. As a parent, I know that I have used this several times.  "Why mom?"  "Because I said so."  "Why is this like this?" "