Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Yoga Pants

A while back I came across a post on Facebook. A man (who is a member of a nearby church) posted that a woman who wears yoga pants is just asking to get raped. A while later, a woman pastor posted frustration that a Christian radio station in her area was wasting airtime on the debate “should a woman wear yoga pants?” and sparked a debate on her personal Facebook page. The debate was unintentional on her part, she was simply stating that there are more important things to talk about than whether a woman should wear yoga pants.

I wear yoga pants. I love yoga pants. They are beyond comfortable! I love the fact that they are not constricting and the allow for movement while not adding a lot of extra fabric weight. I adore wearing yoga pants. And *gasp* I am a pastor’s wife working towards becoming a pastor herself.

Now, I do know that as a Christian, I need to not become a stumbling block for my brothers—so I don’t wear yoga pants at church. At the time of these debates, I was working at a daycare center and yoga pants were the recommended attire, so I did wear them to work and I wore them a lot at home and even out shopping. BUT-- A woman should not have to feel concerned if she shows up to church wearing yoga pants. A woman should not have to feel like a Christian man is staring at her butt and all the while making the excuse in his own mind that “she’s asking for it”. The church needs to be a safe place for a woman. The men in the church need to remember that she is a sister (or potential sister) in Christ and not some piece of meat to drool over.

Women: Ladies, we do need to be careful what we wear. That what we are wearing is not meant to catch the eye of a man. We do not need to be wearing short skirts or skimpy tops. We do not need to be flaunting our cleavage saying “if you have, it flaunt it”. As you dress in the morning, ask yourself if what you are choosing to wear is to cause a man to “lust after you”. You, as a Christian, are called to live a holy life! LIVE ONE!

Men: These women you’re drooling after do not think with a man’s brain. Sometimes, yes, there are women who dress to be ogled… but do not assume that is the case… and as a Christian, you need to check your thoughts. Stop living under the delusion that you cannot control your thoughts. You are freed from sin, stop letting physical lust control you—and stop blaming women because you are too lazy to try and control your thoughts. Regardless of the motive a woman has with how she dresses, you are called to live a holy life! LIVE ONE!

Stop passing the blame off to the other gender. We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Women, as you dress be mindful of how the way you dress affects others. Men, you control your thoughts... no one else! Take responsibility for the direction your thoughts go and stop blaming the women because you feel guilty.

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