Friday, February 9, 2018

What the days look like.

Research for one of Jason's lessons
7:30am—We are awake. The plan was to have Jaedyn go to preschool today but when she started complaining of a sore throat, we decided to keep her home another day. We will need to have her doctor write her a note excusing her absence. Had it been a normal day, It would be wake up between 7:00-7:30, have a bath and be downstairs by 8am (my part of her morning routine), Jason than will get her breakfast at 8am and they will be out the door for preschool by 8:40am
7:35am—Jason checks his email. He wants to make sure he is not missing anything important from students or leaders. There’s an email about a class he needs for ordination, an email from the other district NYI (Nazarene Youth International) leaders, and an email about the winter retreat coming up next week which he is speaking at.
8:00am—I finally decide to get out of bed. Jason has a headache, so he stayed in bed a bit longer.
8:45am—Jason gets up, gets Ben and Jaedyn breakfast, and begins his morning devotions… I am busy feeding Emrys (who tends to be attached to me most of the day) and doing my own devos.
9:00am—I begin the necessary reading for class.
9:55am—Jason finishes his devos (an hour earlier than normal due to Jaedyn being home today) and begins working on church-related work (Sermon/Lesson Research, Updating social media and the church website, writing Sermons, messaging students, leaders, parents, etc…)
10:00am—I tend to focus on making sure the kids do not kill themselves or each other as I am trying to work on school work.
11:00am—almost daily I realize I haven’t had breakfast and I eat something light to hold me over until lunch.
11:30am—Back to working on school work.
11:46am—Jaedyn comes to me with a big bump on her head saying she hit her head on her bed last night, but that the bump hurts. I grab her an Ice pack, kiss her booboo and tell her to rest her head on the ice pack as she watches her cartoons. Suddenly, her bump doesn’t hurt anymore. Apparently, this mama’s kisses are magical.
11:48am—Back to working on school work.
12:00pm—Break for lunch. Jason and I both press pause on what we are working on to have lunch as a family.
1:00-1:30pm—Its back to work for both of us. I have a quiz due tomorrow, so I am making sure I study for that.
3:00pm—I pause school work because whether Jaedyn goes to school or not, she has “homework”… usually just practice writing her name or a practice letter sheet.
4:30pm—Jason presses pause on his work and begins making dinner (he loves cooking so that’s how it works in our house).
5:30-6:00pm—We eat dinner as a family.
7:00pm—Family time.
8:00pm—it’s Ben and Jaedyn’s Bed-time. So it’s PJs, teeth brushing, lullaby, prayer, kisses, and goodnight (usually followed by the next couple of hours going up and down the stairs because Ben and Jaedyn are keeping each other awake… haha)
8:30- Bed—Jason and I both tie up any loose ends with our school/work day and spend time together. We multi-task tying up loose ends with catching up on the shows we watch to help us unwind. Depending on the amount of work we have left to do, we tend to go to bed anywhere between 11pm and 1am.

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