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My husband has been pursing his call to preach The Word since he was sixteen years old and preached for the first time in a youth lead service. He received his first local license in 2006. Between then and when we met in 2011 is his story to tell, but when we were considering pursuing a relationship, he told me that he was called to be a pastor and that if I had any problem with that, the relationship would not work out.
I had felt called into ministry since I was a little girl and at 8-years-old, I told my mom that I would one day marry a pastor. When I grew up, I decided to do my own thing for a while, but God brought me back to where he wanted me when I met Jason. I already knew I liked him. He was funny and he actually valued what I had to say. But when he told me he felt called to be a pastor, I knew there was more to our future than just a friendly crush.
We began talking in July 2011 but our first face-to-face interaction was in October. He lived in Indiana and I was nannying out in Colorado. He and his buddies decided to take a road-trip to the Grand Canyon and decided to stop for a few days in Colorado Rocky Mountains. After months of talking, and an evening of spending time with him, I knew I was in love. We spent two whole days together (with his friends) as I showed off the scenery of the town I lived in. When he left to continue their trip to Arizona, I cried. I felt as though a part of me was leaving with him.
Jason and my minister's licenses along with photos
of our very first groups we ministered to!
The following month, Jason purchased me a ticket to visit him over Thanksgiving. Really, this was the ultimate test. If I met his family and either they did not like me, or I did not like them, we were going to call it quits. We were not going to pursue a relationship that put a strain on his relationship with his family. We had both been in those situations and we were not about to go through that again. Obviously, I loved his family! His two brothers were hysterical, his younger one even conducting an interview making sure I was good enough for his brother. His youngest sister and I, while he was at work, went shopping at Goodwill looking for ugly sweaters, his other sister, you cannot help loving because she wants to love everyone! His mom and Grandma I immediately fell in love with and they made me feel so welcome there with them.
The following February, I dragged Jason to visit my family in Oregon. He made quite the impression on my family to the point my dad even asked me when we were planning to get married (He had not asked me yet). Even my older sister (who is extremely difficult to impress) gave me her blessing with Jason.
In April, Jason flew out to see me in Colorado again. This time, it was to celebrate his birthday which was the following week and he asked me to marry him. July 1, 2012 we got married and I moved to Indiana to be with him.
Three kids, and four moves later we are now in Pennsylvania. My husband is now the associate pastor at Monongahela Church of the Nazarene. Jason had a lot of red-tape to tear through to get where he is now in Ministry, but together, here we are. Jason was finally able to obtain his first District license this past year, and I received my first Local license shortly after his approval. In December, I began classes through Nazarene Bible College… two weeks after our third child was born. It is crazy looking back on how far God has brought us in the last five (almost six) years but I cannot wait to see what God is going to do next!


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